Procrastination via organization of tasks at hand into lists

May 31, 2011

Welcome to my shiny new blog!

The primary purpose of this blog centers around my upcoming trip to Fes, Morocco where I will be studying Arabic intensively, although I’m sure that plenty of other subject matter will sneak in — especially after my return this August.  Because part of my studies requires me to post to the course blog, I will put the same posts up here and categorize them as “academic” as opposed to “personal” which for now all other posts will fall under.

If I — for one of the first times in my life — decide to follow through and continue this blog on my return, things may change a little.  I’ll cross that bridge when (and if!) I get to it.  I’ll also take this time to mention that you should check out my dad’s blog, which is currently the only link in my blogroll in the sidebar on the right.  It’s strictly op-ed, usually quite funny, and only occasionally offensive.

I’ve compiled a master-list of the things that absolutely need to be done before I leave town on the ninth (although some things have due-dates sooner than that), in order to avoid actually doing any of them.  I figured that writing about what I need to get done is better for my psyche/health/waistline than simply lamenting during my many ‘ice cream breaks.’  It also doesn’t require me to wash a spoon.

Jordan’s Morocco Adventure Todo Masterlist:

  1. Afrikaans Project – I need to write a several page sketch of the Afrikaans language for my Germanics class.  Due “some time this week” according to the professor. coooool….
  2. English ‘Cohesion analysis’ project – This class is so boring that I’m genuinely concerned it will make my forehead cave in before the end of the quarter.
  3. Arabic homework – oh you know just some fun little exercises here and there.
  4. Arabic Final – Saturday, 10:30 am sharp!
  5. Set up this blog – check that off silly old bear.
  6. Figure out a cell phone situation for while I am overseas.  I was told when I bought my current phone that it would work pretty much ‘out of the box’ but I remain highly skeptical.
  7. Get my last paycheck from the Attic – see ya suckers!
  8. Deposit final paycheck, and notify bank of my overseas spending.
  9. Germanics final – some sort of as-yet-unassigned paper.
  10. English final – see above
  11. Haircut – I’m starting to look like cousin it with a beard.
  12. Check in with RyanAir about my flight from London to Fes – do all discount euro airlines insist that you check in online and print your own boarding pass?
  13. Copy/print important documents – things like passport, credit card, insurance information, etc…
  14. Reserve hostels? – I’m assuming I need to make reservations in youth hostels for my nights in the UK. Should probably get on that.
  15. Have my going away party – This Tuesday the 7th! At Liberty on 15th!
  16. Plenty of other things I’ve forgotten about – sleep, eating, spending time with loved ones, etc.

OK so I think that’s all for now.  Subscribe if you want to follow my Moroccan exploits in the months/weeks to come ان شاء الله!



5 Responses to “Procrastination via organization of tasks at hand into lists”

  1. Mrs. Ryan Says:

    Is that tasseled red hat thing named after the city of Fes?

    • Oddly enough, yes. I say that it is odd because the type of hat is only called a Fes in Turkish — in Arabic its a Tarboush (طربوش). Apparently at the time that those hats were in vogue in Turkey the particular dye used in production of the hats was monopolized by the Moroccans — specifically the the Moroccans who ran the tanning/dying industry in the city of Fes.

  2. Mrs. Ryan Says:

    When you finish your several-page sketch of the Afrikaans language, will you post it here?

  3. Andy Paye Says:

    God I’m jealous. I hope you’ll post digital photos.

  4. Jay W. Neff Says:

    I can hardly wait to hear the adventures. I’ve linked you in my blogroll.

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