June 15, 2011

Hey, sorry everybody! I know it’s been a while since I updated, but while I was still in seattle I didn’t have much interesting to write about. Since I’ve arrived this side of the Atlantic, I’ve been having what I refer to as ‘the great adapter crisis.’ For those of you who don’t know, English power outlets are different from American ones. And French outlets (which are what Moroccans use) are different from English and American ones. This translates to me being unable to charge any of my Yank electronics.

And now I only have internet until 6pm.

Anyway. Now I’ve got it. I’ll be able to upload pictures pretty soon, although I haven’t really taken that many. So here is a rapid fire list of anything worthwhile that has happened to me:

-About thirty minutes into my 9 hour flight the elderly gentleman sitting across the aisle from me had what appeared to be a heart attack. Fortunately(?) there was a doctor on board who used the limited equipment in the plane’s emergency kit to keep him alive for like 8 hours until we landed in London.

-London was a little dull, but my hostel was above a pub in Tulse Hill, which is just south of Brixton, which is pretty far out of the city. Finding it from Heathrow was pretty interesting. London transportation is pretty good if you know where you are going though. I spent most of my time in the UK drinking expensive pints and eating plates of full english. Also, should it ever come up, take my advice and don’t fly RyanAir.

-Fes is pretty fucking cool. Despite my usual susceptibility to the laws of travel disaster, my bags made it and I had a hotel room waiting for me when I got here.

-I’ve been eaten alive by mosquitos.

-There are lots of stray cats here, which is cool both because I like cats and they are less dangerous than stray dogs.

-My host family is great. The father is really animated and they are all very generous and excited to be with us. (when I say us, I refer to myself and the other student staying with me.)

-Food is fantastic. Not what I expected entirely, there is a little less meat, and it is much simpler than I expected. I of course don’t mean that in a negative way, simply an observation. Also, Moroccans tend to eat lunch at a little after noon, and dinner at like 10:30 pm. I’m getting used to it, but the first few days were a little rough.

Pictures are probably coming soon, so stay in touch!


4 Responses to “IM ALIVE!”

  1. Andy Paye Says:

    What is Fes like?

  2. kim henry Says:

    What is your room like where you sleep? Auntie K.

  3. Oh!! What IS the food? Stew like? What do you talk about with the family? Can you smell the tannery? Is the house quiet or are there lots of wonderful Moroccan street sounds wafting through the window-how is the FRUIT! So jealous that you are in a land of good fruit. I know-I know- so many questions…

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