Fes Medina

June 17, 2011

This isn’t my video, I found it on youtube to show my girlfriend back home what it’s like here. It is pretty representative of what the Medina is like in Fes.  Absolutely insane in the best way possible.  Keep an eye out for the donkey cart at about 1:50.

To clarify, I’m not living in the Medina itself, but many of my classmates are.  I live in the new city, which is a lot like how I remember Beirut except more garbage and beggars.

There are cats everywhere in both sections.


I’ve edited this post to show off what traffic is like here too.  Are any of you the right age to have played frogger as a kid? That’s what crossing the street is like.  This video is of Marrakesh, but again its pretty much the same here.


7 Responses to “Fes Medina”

  1. Mrs. Ryan Says:

    That’s how I imagine Heaven.

  2. So cool! Reminds me so much of the souks in Beirut before the war. and the TRAFFIC! LOL

  3. Andy Paye Says:

    Do you prefer the new city or the old city?

  4. Mrs. Ryan Says:

    How do people in Fes feel about Americans?

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