Photo dump part two.

June 17, 2011

OK, i’m back at school and have a chance to upload more photos.  Sorry for the delay!

Adil and Jeff discuss the finer points of Arab grammar after class

This photo is of the classroom we are in every day from 8AM to noon.  It has the same type of mosaics and engraved plaster as the mosque I posted yesterday.

This is another shot of our classroom. Prior to being owned by ALIF it was a mosque.

This photo is of the courtyard in front of the school where we both eat lunch and hang out and do homework.

This is Beau sitting in the courtyard at the Alif Riad, an old Riad in the old city that ALIF purchased a few years back and converted to a sanctuary of sorts for students.  (The main campus is on the other side of town in the new city).  Gorgeous all around again.  They serve free tea/sugar water here as well.

For those of you not in the know, a Riad is a huge house/mansion with no windows o


3 Responses to “Photo dump part two.”

  1. Annabeth Says:

    Gorgeous Jordan…that would be so cool to have a school like that..I’m envious! Glad all is going well….love the pictures!

  2. kim henry Says:

    Can’t even stand the jealousy. One of the pics looks something like our ACS courtyard. 🙂 Oh Jordan…… ENJOY~ thanks so much for the piccies, (really lovely) —
    and say hi to Kelsey. Auntie P.

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